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In its region the province of Lagadas includes the ecosystem of Coroneia -Volvi - Riheios River - Macedonian Tembi that constitutes one of the eleven more important water biotopes of Greece. It is recognized and is protected by the Ramsar - Natura 2000 treaty together with other international conditions. In this particular ecosystem huge problems faces the lake of Coroneia or Lagadas or Agiou Vasileiou, which supports no means of life since 1995. The main reason is the pollution of the water from the adjacent industries and the serious reduction of the water level .

Since 1998, under the initiative of the Prefecture Administration of Thessaloniki and the County of Lagadas has been worked out a rescue plan by a Greek-British scientific team.This is carried by the Fund of Cohesion of the European Union. Overwhelmed efforts of rescue of the lake are based on this particular plan. Up to today do not exist visible results.However, it has been acquired precious experience for further energies of rescue of the lake.

Lake Volvi, second in size in Greece, is classified among the bosky lakes with richly fish-life (24 species of fishes), while the fish called 'Liparia' is not met in no other part of world. In the wider region exist more than 200 species of birds and mammals, age-long trees and the strange forest of Apollonia that constitutes monument of nature. Lake Volvi is a beloved place for athletes of windsurfing board, because of a permanent breeze that presents.

River Riheios links, through Rentina - narrows, lake Volvi with Strimonikos gulf, rolls between Kerdillia mountain chain and the fringes of Holomonta and it creates the attractive valley of "Macedonian Tempi", which crosses the national road of Thessaloniki - Kavala.

Landscapes of particular natural beauty constitute all the mountain range of Vertiskos from Lahana up to Sohos, Kerdillia from Skepasto, Stefanina, Arethousa, Vrasna, Asprovalta. The same natural beauty stands also in Zagliverion, Adam, Petrokerasa, Stauros, Maditos, Adrameri and in the total region of Coroneia - Volvi - Riheios - Rentina narrows up to Strimonikos gulf and the beautiful beaches of Asprovalta, Vrasna and the Stauros.

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